Kyo No Oto Aonibi

Here’s another review of ink that me and some other users of received from visvamitra to test.

Kyo no oto and Kyo-iro are two ink lines of one company – Takeda Jimuki, based in Kyoto in Japan.

Kyo No Oto Aonibi

It’s said to be a blue-black, but it’s more a blue-grey.

Kyo No Oto Aonibi

Kyo No Oto Aonibi
Oxford 80g/m2

Flow – very good. It writes very smoothly and pretty wetly. It’s more watery in consistency, reminds me Herbin inks. There are no hard starts, a pen starts immediately even after a few days.

Saturation – good. It’s little too light for a blue-black but saturated enough for a grey ink. It’s comfortable to write and read.

Kyo No Oto AonibiKyo No Oto AonibiKyo No Oto AonibiKyo No Oto Aonibi

Bleeding – more than average. It bleeds through Moleskine, there’re more spots on a copy paper than with average inks. When you look close, there are even a couple of little spots in Leuchtturm.

Kyo No Oto Aonibi
Copy paper closeup

Feathering – little more than average.

Kyo No Oto Aonibi
Tomoe River

Shading – medium

Dry time – good, about 15s on Rhodia (average – 20-25s)

Kyo No Oto Aonibi

Water resistance – after 5 minutes underwater, there’s only an illegible stain left.


Kyo No Oto Aonibi


To sum up, it’s a great ink. I was a little surprised with the colour – I thought it’s gonna be a dull blue-black, but I find this one interesting. It behaves very well, is very pleasant to use. If only it was more available in Europe…

Thanks to visvamitra for the sample!


  • very good flow
  • interesting colour
  • quickly-drying
  • easy to clean


  • price and availability
  • lack of water resistance
  • bleeds little too much

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