Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite

Lamy has recently realised the new ink line, named Crystal and inspired by stones and minerals. Yep, another stony inks line. But no judgments, let’s see how they are. There’re all sold only in new, cool-looking, 30ml bottles.

I received samples of the whole line from Pióroteka

Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite

This one looks exactly like Lamy Vibrant Pink. It’s the same medium, vivid pink with a little bit of green shimmer.

Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite

Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite

Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite
Oxford 80g/m2

Consistency – medium, little more on the waterish side.

Flow – good + – it writes just good. There’re no problems but it doesn’t write that smoothly. It’s more on the dry side.

Saturation – good + – it’s saturated enough to be used comfortably, but it’s not too strong.

Lamy Crystal Ink RhodoniteLamy Crystal Ink RhodoniteLamy Crystal Ink RhodoniteLamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite

Bleeding – better than average. It bleeds only through Moleskine.

Feathering – none

Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite
Tomoe River

Shading – low/medium

Dry time – average, about 20s on Rhodia

Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite

Water resistance – after 5 minutes under water, there’s only a stain left.

Comparison: You can’t tell the difference between Rhodonite and Vibrant Pink in person. In the first photo Vibrant Pink looks darker, because the nib was wetter – look at the lighter parts. KWZ Raspberry is more blue and Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji is more saturated and vibrant.

Lamy Crystal Ink Rhodonite


I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that it’s the Vibrant Pink in a new bottle. They’re actually the same, so if you already have Vibrant Pink, you can definitely pass on the Rhodonite. It’s still a good ink, especially if you like the drier ones. It still has this shimmer that is almost invisible in writing but is hard to wash out of the pen.

Thanks to Pióroteka for providing the sample 🙂


  • good flow
  • very good behavior on different papers


  • shimmer is hard to wash out of the pen
  • same color as Vibrant Pink
  • pretty dry
  • lack of water resistance
  • price



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