Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)

Hypercolors are the new inks made by Luxpen – a polish pen store. Right now, there’re 6 colors available, including 2 shimmering inks, all inspired by chemical elements… and it’s actually all we know about them. They were introduced during Pen Show Poland 2019 in Katowice. The inks come in 50 ml glass bottles.

I received the bottle of this ink from Luxpen for the review purpose.


Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)

Niobium is a beautiful, vibrant, teal color. It’s more on a green side and has a bit of a pink sheen, which is visible in writing with some wet nib.

Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)

Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)
Oxford 80g/m2
Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)
Lamy F nib closeup

Consistency – medium, not too thick or too waterish.

Flow – very good. It writes smoothly and wetly, there’re no hard starts or skipping.

Saturation – very good. The color is vibrant but it’s not overloaded with dye.

Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)

Bleeding – average. It bleeds a bit through both Moleskine and a copy paper.

Feathering – there’s some on a copy paper.

Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)
Tomoe River

Shading – medium

Dry time – average, about 20s on Rhodia

Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)

Water resistance – none. After 5 minutes under water, the text is completely invisible.

Comparison: It’s very similar to Robert Oster Tranquility.

Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)

Hypercolors 41Nb (Niobium)

Now I have to tell about some surprises I had with this ink. After a few days, I saw some particles on the surface. There were more and more of them, up to this:



I started to shake the bottle from time to time and these things disappear, but when I leave it for about a week, they start to show again. There’re also some particles on the walls of the bottle:


I wrote to Luxpen about it, but they don’t know what’s going on and haven’t heard anything from other people, so maybe it’s only my bottle.

Despite these strange things in the bottle, the ink is doing great. It writes smoothly, has a beautiful color, doesn’t cause any problems. If you have any Hypercolors, let me know if you can find something like this in your bottle.

Thanks to Luxpen for providing the ink for the review.


  • beautiful color
  • very good flow
  • good behavior on different papers
  • some sheen


  • those strange things in the bottle
  • stains hand pretty badly but it’s safe for demonstrator pens.

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