KWZ Ink Sheen Machine

Sheen Machine is the first brand new sheening monster made by KWZ Ink. The first? Yes – In comparison to this one, the sheen of Walk Over Vistula, Baltic Memories and Warsaw Dreaming is slightly visible! It comes in a standard KWZ’s 50ml glass bottle with a new label. This is the first ink with no polish name, which I think is a good idea since we don’t have a good word for sheen. KWZ Ink Sheen Machine

Me and Ania (@ink.o.holic) received a bottle from Agnieszka and Konrad, the people behind the KWZ name, to show and review it to you all 🙂

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine

It’s a medium-dark blue with a lot of pink sheen!

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine
Oxford 80g/m2
KWZ Ink Sheen Machine
Lamy F nib close-up

Consistency – it’s pretty thick but it’s less sticky, closer to latest Liquid Words than to standard colors.

Flow – very good. It writes really great with my TWSBI 580 Al with F nib – smoothly, with a constant, wet line and the pen always starts immediately, even after a few days. On the other hand, there are some hard starts with Lamy Al-Star but after a while, it also writes smoothly and wetly. The flow also reminds me more of what Liquid Words are rather than other colors.

I’ll try it with more pens and update about those hard starts.

Saturation – great as you can see 🙂

KWZ Ink Sheen MachineKWZ Ink Sheen MachineKWZ Ink Sheen MachineKWZ Ink Sheen Machine

Bleeding – average. There are some spots in Moleskine and on a copy paper.

Feathering – minimal on a copy paper.

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine
Tomoe River

Shading – low

Dry time – average, 22s on Rhodia (it’s an average for all inks but pretty good for a very saturated, sheening ink).

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine

Water-resistance – after 5 minutes under water, there’s a slightly visible grey trace.

Comparison: It’s close to Organics Studio Emerson Twilight Blue but OS has a little more green tone and the sheen is more red. Skull & Roses is more like a royal kind of blue and the sheen is weaker and not that pink.

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine

KWZ Ink Sheen MachineKWZ Ink Sheen Machine

If you want to know which one sheens stronger – OS or KWZ… it depends. On some papers, like Oxford, a whole text written with Sheen Machine is pink and on the other papers, pink are mainly the wetter parts of words and then it sheens as much as OS. I haven’t noticed any sheen only on my copy paper.

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine
Copy paper

Here are some sheen photos:

KWZ Ink Sheen Machine
Leuchtturm 1917
KWZ Ink Sheen Machine
Oxford notebook
KWZ Ink Sheen Machine

To sum up, I love this ink! The sheen is crazy! I like the color and I love how smoothly it writes with my TWSBI ❤ It’s definitely one of the top sheening inks. It also got another advantage… SWEET SCENT! Yes, the same as all KWZ Inks. I know that not all of you like it, but I really love it ❤ For a disadvantage, it smears a bit, especially in broader nibs (the text written with my Lamy F nib, pretty thick for an F, smears easily but the moment I write it I rub the text written with TWSBI 580 F nib and I don’t see anything). But you know, every sheening ink smears a bit. So, if not a bottle, you should definitely get at least a sample, especially if you love the sheen!

Thank you Konrad and Agnieszka for the bottle! Great job as always! 🙂


  • sheen!
  • sheen!
  • nice color
  • very good flow
  • good behavior on different papers
  • pretty good dry time
  • sweet scent!
  • availability and price


  • some hard starts in my Lamy Al-Star
  • smears a bit
  • lack of water-resistance


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